Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Meet the staff at Heart to Heart

We have had many requests for staff photos on this blog. So here they are! We have an amazing group of women at Heart to Heart who are committed to creating families through adoption. Introducing...

Donna Pope, Executive Director/Founder

Donna was raised on a farm in Gooding, Idaho and has brought her hard work ethic to all aspects of the agency. After spending time as a respiratory therapist and a school teacher, Donna founded Heart to Heart in 1999. She is the adoptive mom to 3 sons; Joshua, Jacob, and Eli. She loves her boys, her horses, and singing. (not in the office!)
And now we'll work our way through the entire process/office!

Lora Wortman, LCSW, Clinical Director

In addition to her private counseling practice in Salt Lake City, Lora manages all clinical aspects of the agency. She brings professionalism and a level headed approach to all situations. She is an avid tennis player and is The Hostess with the Mostest. Lora and her husband, Herschel, are the parents of 4 sons. (and 2 very large dogs!)

Julie Mathewson, Social Worker

A native of Connecticut, Julie is a social worker at Heart to Heart. She has a great deal of experience with adoption, and has a wonderful ability to connect with both birthmothers as well as adoptive families. Julie loves mountain biking and hiking, and has been a great asset to Heart to Heart.

Linda Hackett, Social Worker

Linda is one of the employees who has been at Heart to Heart the longest. She has worked in many aspects of adoption, and brings sensitivity and experience as she counsels with birthmothers. She crochets beautiful baby blankets and burp cloths and is a sugar cookie baker unlike any other! Linda and her husband make their home in Salt Lake City and enjoy spending time with their children and grandchildren.

Katie Limb, Social WorkerBold

Katie was born in Texas and luckily for us, found her way to Utah, where she does most Home Studies and Post Placement visits for adoptive families. She brings a fun personality and enthusiasm to all she does. Katie and her husband, Ken, are adoptive parents to 2 children, Joshua and Janae.

Rachel Moskios, Social Worker

Rachel works as a counselor to our out of state birthmothers. She works hard to empower birthmothers to make positive changes to move forward after placement. Rachel is very involved in humanitarian and volunteer work; her most recent adventure was spending a month in India. Rachel lives in Salt Lake and loves the outdoors. (she also knits amazing scarves...I know at least one person at the agency who would love to be wearing one very soon....)

Look for more employee spotlights coming soon!

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