Tuesday, February 17, 2009

An Adoptive Mother's Story...

We adopted Madeline on January 29, 2008.

All anyone ever hears about in the news is how hard the adoption process is and how it takes so long. Yes, all the background checks, homestudies, parenting class and the like are no fun, but that frustration all melts away when you get to hold your baby.
Jason and I were lucky enough to have the adoption process be very quick. We received our "active" letter from Heart to Heart on a Saturday. That following Friday night we got a call about a two month little girl that was available. We were told she and her birthmother were coming to Utah on Monday and a decision would be made that day. The agency e-mailed all the prospective adoptive parents a picture of her. We fell in love immediately. It was the longest weekend of waiting. At 10:30 p.m. on Monday we got the call that we were chosen. We stayed up all night making reservations and packing. We were on the first flight out from Ohio to Utah the next morning. By Tuesday afternoon we were sitting at the agency meeting our new daughter, Madeline.
At two months old she was only 8 pounds and so beautiful. Two days later, while still in Utah, we got a call from an adoption agency in Colorado that we had applied to saying we were chosen by a birthmother there. We were barely used to being parents of one when we agreed to be parents of two. Two months later Jason, Madeline and I were in Colorado for the birth of Alexandra. Her birthmother loved the fact that the girls would be so close in age (4 months and one day apart) and have the bond of both being adopted. Today Madeline at 14 months and Alexandra at 10 months are the best of friends. When you start the adoption process everyone tells you that you end up with the baby you are meant to have. I now know they are right. I have no doubt in my mind that we were meant to have Madeline and Alexandra as our daughters and they were meant to be sisters.
Everyone at Heart to Heart was so wonderful to work with. From the moment we submitted our application the agency stayed in contact with us. The staff was very knowledgable as we worked through birthfather right termination issues. We feel the agency educates not only the adoptive families but the birthparents and families to make the process positive for everone involved. Everyone we worked with made the adoption process a positive experience. We were absolutely thrilled with our experience with Heart to Heart adoptions. After working with a different agency for our second daugther's adoption I can say the staff at Heart to Heart can not be beat."

-----Jennifer R.

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