Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Meet more of our great staff...

Meet more of our great staff! Introducing...
Julie Smart, Legal Coordinator
Julie is responsible for the legal papers that are processed with the agency. She is a graduate of Brigham Young University and is thorough and accurate in all aspects of her job. Add to that her fun personality and positive attitude...and Julie is the whole package. She is the mother of 4 great kids and married to a lucky man named Dave. She loves to dance, eat out, and SHOP...shop....shop....

Kim Haddock, Legal Assistant/Medical

Kim has been at Heart to Heart for 2 years and has moved from Birthmothers to Adoptive Families and is now in Legal/Admin. She is multi talented and brings tenderness and caring to everything she does. Kim is relied on by many departments of the agency, and is always willing to jump in and help. Kim lives in Draper with her cat, Guinevere, and is a movie addict with an affection for popcorn and milk duds. And oh yeah, in her spare time, she is striving for world peace.

Beth Wadsworth, Finance

Beth has been with Heart to Heart for several years, in many departments of the agency. She understands adoption, both from the agency standpoint, as well as her experiences with her 3 children, all adopted. Beth is ultra -organized and keeps things running smoothly and efficiently. She is a huge fan of Harry Potter...or at least she was...til a certain Edward appeared on the scene. She is also the #1 customer at IKEA. Beth and her husband, Colin, live in Salt Lake with their 3 darling children; Megan, Leilani, and Ben.

Debi Johnson, Out of State Coordinator

Debi was born in Maryland and after moving to various places, including Australia, she landed here in Utah. Debi has an enthusiasm for life that is contagious. She has been called a "miracle worker" for the way she is able to connect with and support birthmothers and families during the adoption process.

Debi is a great cook, chief party planner, and reigning limbo champion where ever she goes.

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