Friday, February 6, 2009

The Dynamic Duo

Luci Taylor & Jodi Christensen - Birth Parent Front Line
Luci and Jodi are the first people the birthmothers speak with when they call the agency. They both bring a compassion to their work and an ability to connect with the birthmothers that supports them from the moment they make that first call.

Luci grew up in Salt Lake City and has a tender heart for children. She is an incredible seamstress - she makes gorgeous quilts and loves to stitch. She loves to travel and be on a sunny beach...anywhere... Luci and her husband, Matt, are the parents of two darling daughters and a handsome son.

Jodi also grew up in Utah and is the life of the party where ever she goes. She loves to laugh, and makes everyone around her laugh with her. She is married to Dane and has a daughter, Maya, through adoption, as well as a daughter, Layla, and a another little bun in the oven. (due in July) Jodi has a penchant for bright colors and is the reigning karaoke champion of the neighborhood.

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