Thursday, March 12, 2009

Meet our AMAZING Adoptive Family Group!

Our Adoptive Family Department works miracles every day in finding and matching our great families with our wonderful birthmothers.

MEGAN ROTH - Adoptive Family Coordinator
Megan brings professionalism and a deep understanding of the adoption process to her work at Heart to Heart. Megan has worked as a counselor to troubled youth until she joined us at Heart to Heart last year. Megan and her husband, Austin, adopted a newborn son(Eli) and his 3 year old sister, Ariana, in 2008. She understands the adoption process as an adoptive parent and has experienced the challenges that come with an older child adoption. Megan enjoys yoga, bellydancing, and spending time with her two "oldest" babies, Polly and Ernie -- her dogs.

CINDI DYE - Adoptive Family Dept/Medical Coordinator

Cindi came to us at Heart to Heart after several years in the retail industry. She was a customer favorite both at Banana Republic and Gap. Cindi joined us as Medical Coordinator and did an amazing job maintaining good relationships with the providers as well as keeping an organized system for the medical process. Cindi is always the go-to girl; willing to jump in and help in any aspect of the agency. Birthmothers and Adoptive Families all love her and appreciate her tender support during the adoption experience. Cindi and her husband, John, have 2 sons and 1 daughter. Cindi is a great cook, and FAMOUS for her homemade fortune cookies.

LISA BLACKHAM, Adoptive Family File Manager

Lisa is the anchor of the Adoptive Family Department. She, too, has years of retail experience, as well as bookkeeping experience. Lisa is meticulous with organization and the Energizer Bunny....she just keeps going and going and going... Everyone can - and does -count on Lisa! Lisa has a great ability to connect with people, and it's evident in her relationships with the families at Heart to Heart. Lisa maintains all paperwork and files as Adoptive Family applications come in and files are completed. She has great communication skills and is easy to talk to. Lisa and her husband, Wayne, have 3 amazing daughters, and make their home in Salt Lake City.

You've probably had the opportunity to work with each of these amazing women in the AF Department. They are a multi talented group of women and together make a dynamic team. We are so lucky to have them at Heart to Heart!

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  1. It doesn't get any better than these ladies! They make everything run smoothly and we, as adoptive parents, feel secure with them at the reins. Thanks Adoptive Family Team!!!