Saturday, March 7, 2009

More amazing Staff--the HEART of heart...Birth Parent Team!

Our Birth Parent Coordinator...Kathy!

Kathy is a veteran of Heart to Heart. She worked with our agency several years ago, and after being home with her children during that time, we are so happy she has rejoined us. Kathy brings experience to Heart to Heart both as an adoptive parent (x's 4!) and an adoption professional. She handles the birth mother applications and coordinates all aspects of birth mother services, from case management to travel. She is dependable and caring and brings organization to this organization!

And now, a drum roll, please, for the most people with the most crucial job in the agency...

Stacy, Case Manager

Stacy has been with Heart to Heart in many capacities...Case Manager, Legal Coordinator, Out of State, and now Case Management again. She is experienced in all aspects of adoption. Stacy is outgoing and fun, and always up for a challenge. Her birth mothers all love her and she is a great advocate for their needs. We are lucky to have such a multi talented lady on our team. Stacy and her husband have 3 great kids.

Michelle, Case Manager

A native New Yorker, Michelle has been with Heart to Heart as a Case Manager for over 2 years. Michelle is kind and tender, and her birth mothers love being with her....probably because in addition to her stunning personality, Michelle is the party planner extraordinnaire! She is the agency's very own Martha Stewart. She loves planning fun activities and amazing parties for the birth moms. She is also a wonderful cook.

And the newest member of the team....

PATTI, Case Manager

Patti joined Heart to Heart as a Case Manager just a few weeks ago. She has jumped right in and done a great job. She has been married to Danny for 21 years and they have 4 children. Patti loves to travel, read, eat out, and go camping and running. We are glad to have her on our team!

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