Wednesday, April 22, 2009

BABY KYSER by Jeff and Annie

"Our adoption journey actually began many years ago. We have always known that we were going to adopt someday, however the timing of this adoption was never known. During the summer of 2008, we began to think that God was telling us that the time had come for us to adopt. We began the homestudy application in July of ‘08 and had our homestudy approved in September . We found Heart to Heart Adoptions and completed their application on October 3.

On November 6, we were matched with our Birth Mom and had 6 weeks to prepare for Baby Kyser. He was originally due on Christmas Day, but his Birth Mom requested that she not be in the hospital for Christmas. The induction date was set for December 18, 2008. We flew out from Phoenix on December 17 in the early morning hours. When we landed in Dallas for our layover, we received a message from Heart to Heart that she was starting with labor and the induction had been moved up to that evening (just hours after we were supposed to land in Atlanta).

While in the Dallas airport, we had a wonderful experience (which was good because we were very anxious and nervous at this point). While we waited for our next flight, a man came came up to us in a wheelchair carrying bags and crutches. He asked us if he could set his things by us so he could go buy a book. We either looked very trustworthy or the car seat we were holding made him think that we were. After he returned, he asked us why we had a car seat but no baby. We informed him that we were flying to Atlanta because our baby was about to be born. He was so excited for us that he INSISTED that he buy us lunch. There we were, eating lunch that a complete stranger had bought for us talking about how we were about to become parents. Our experience with Wayne could not have had better timing. It was what we needed to calm our nerves and was a good sign of the wonderful things to come!

We landed in Atlanta @ 6pm and rode the subway to our hotel in downtown (just blocks from the hospital). We were called around 8pm and informed that she had checked into the hospital and was ready for us to come meet her. When we arrived at the hospital, we were treated so wonderfully by everyone that we met. We finally met Kyser’s Birth Mom and spent several hours talking and getting to know her. Around 2 am, the doctors decided to give her some medication to increase the labor, so we decided to take a nap for a couple of hours. We slept on the couch in the lobby and around 4:30 am one of the nurses came to get Annie. So...

On December 18, 2008 @ 4:54 am our precious little boy was born kicking and screaming. Annie was the first person to see him and also cut his umbilical cord. We instantly fell in love with him and knew that our lives had been forever changed! He had very long fingers and a full head of hair!

The experience we had with Heart to Heart was wonderful from the beginning. They were always available for questions, comment, or just to chat. We are so thankful for the work that everyone did to help us receive our little bundle of joy and love of our lives."

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  1. I am so glad to see Annie and Jeff's story on the blog!! They were an amzaing couple to work with and I am so happy for them! as soon as they are ready for number two... ;o)
    -- Megan