Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The Inside Scoop...

So here it is: A look behind the scenes at Heart to Heart!
Our agency is located in Sandy, UT. (9669 South 700 East, to be exact) We are fully staffed in with several departments including Birth Parent Services, Adoptive Family Services, and an office staff to handle administrative/financial/legal aspects of adoption. Our office is a busy, fun, energetic place!

We begin each week with a Monday Meeting - a coordinating/planning meeting. The case managers and clinical staff plan the week's activities. It is a great meeting not only to prioritze tasks/events for the upcoming week, but also to see how our staffers jump in to help each other and back each other up. Inevitably there are birthmothers with overlapping appointments and needs, and it is truly amazing to see how every member of the staff is willing to step in when needed to facilitate meeting the needs of our birthmothers and adoptive families.

Our General Staff Meeting is held every Wednesday. At 9:30 am we begin by going through what we affectionately refer to as The List. We go through each situation and discuss the events of the previous week, the events anticipated in the upcoming week, as well as the emotional, physical, and any other needs of the birthmothers and/or adoptive families. We usually take a quick break after The List and when we resume, we discuss agency and personnel issues. It is an open, honest meeting that again embodies teamwork and caring. There are occasional spirited discussions and it is always amazing to me to see how deeply our staff cares for our clientele. We see case managers advocate for birthmothers and counselors advocate for adoptive families, and vice versa. We see the birthmother department willing to jump in and support adoptive families and see office staff willing to jump in and assist with birthmothers. We have an incredible staff that know the true meaning of TEAM work.

We usually end this meeting with lunch together. Lunch is definitely a more social time, and we get to know each other a little better each week on a more personal level. There is also lots of laughing...
The remainder of the week is spent literally spent meeting the needs of our clients. Birthmothers have activities each week. They are taken shopping and on a fun outing weekly. Thursday is our birthmother support group. This is an optional activity for the birthmothers and the activities range from discussions surrounding adoption, budgeting, life skills, grief/loss, communication, etc. These are coordinated by Julie, our amazing birth mother counselor.

We have had prenatal health/nutrition classes led by Luci, one of our Front Line staffers.
And a very popular class is a meditation/relaxation class lead by our Adoptive Family Coordinator, Megan. We have a talented, skilled staff!
We also have finalizations in court, legal and financial paperwork to be filed, and marketing/advertising to keep things rolling. Donna, our Executive Director, is in office every day for hours on end and keeps things moving. She is available to help any department at any time, and is a leader who works alongside her employees.

Lora, our Clinical Director, is in office twice a week, and always available by phone to guide the staff with all clinical aspects of adoption. There are many emotional aspects to adoption that require professional insight and guidance, and Heart to Heart is so lucky to have Lora to guide us through these situations.

Heart to Heart is a dynamic agency with the purpose of finding great families for babies..." joining hearts together". Each member of our staff is dedicated to making the adoption experience positive and life changing for each person involved.
We love seeing our families - if you're ever in the area, feel free to stop by the office and say hello!

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