Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Another Miracle!

We had so many great responses to our posting just a week ago on a little baby boy that we needed to match. Here's how it all unfolded:
I received a phone call Wednesday night from a darling adoptive mom, Deborah, who adopted through us about 8 months ago. She said she knew an amazing family who had been waiting to adopt, and the sooner the better, because they had just been through 2 failed situations through another agency.

I told Deborah that we'd matched the baby, but I appreciated her call, and to have this cute family - Sean and Stacy - get their paperwork to us, and "I am sure we'll have them matched very quickly." I called and introduced myself to Stacy, gave her a little pep talk, and told her we'd look forward to her paperwork.

The next morning, Donna and Debi both called letting me know this sweet baby boy was still looking for his forever family.

Stacy and Sean jumped right in with both feet. We had all their paperwork within hours, and set up a lunch date with the birth parents.

Sweet birthmother, Keesha, holding baby with daughter, Harmony.

Birthfather, Mike, with Adoptive Mom, Stacy. (She has a perma grin and is STILL glowing!)

Keesha, Stacy, and Mike all admiring beautiful Baby West.
Keesha and Mike loved Sean and's a match! (our favorite words here at Heart to Heart). Keesha said as soon as she saw Stacy, she felt good about it. But as she watched Stacy interact with her daughter, she knew it was perfect. Mike also felt Sean and Stacy are the perfect parents for his son.
Now, we haven't let Deborah off the hook yet! Stacy called and told Deborah the good news, and next thing we know, Deborah has loaded her car, her 8 mo. old son, Zac, and they are making the 4 hour drive from their city to Salt Lake. Deborah and Stacy have an incredibly deep and unconditionally loving friendship. It is inspiring to see such a relationship, with the love and support it affords in these life situations.

Baby West's 2 big sisters... biological sister, Symphony, and his new big sister, Quincy! (Stacy and Sean adopted Quincy 18 mos ago) Baby West is going to be surrounded by love.

Needless to say, this was a match made in heaven. Deborah made it into town just in time to meet baby West and be there for the placement. Hope, one of our amazing counselors at Heart, and everyone else involved, met at my house to sign papers later that evening. (Pardon the stacks of dishes in the fallout to be put away!) Yes, signing papers on a vinyl Halloween tablecloth is not quite as professional as signing at the office....but I don't think Sean, Stacy, or Baby West minded. :)
It is always amazing to watch how many miracles occur as a baby finds his family. And as always, it's such a privilege to be part of it. So....HEARTfelt thanks to the many people who respond to help create a miracle...and HEARTfelt congratulations so Sean and Stacy ... and Quincy and West! One big, happy family!


  1. thanks for posting this shelly! what a whirlwind those few days were, huh! we have no doubt that west was worth our wait and meant to be in our family. thanks for ALL to heart did to make it happen for us! you're miracle workers! :)

  2. I saw this need and immediately thought of them as well!! So glad this worked out for them, they needed a smooth ride for a change! What a cute family!!