Monday, November 16, 2009


We are in need of families who would be willing to sponsor birthmothers & their children for Sub for Santas. As an agency, we provide a Sub for Santa for each birthmother family here in Utah. If you could take on this special project, and provide a Christmas to one of these birthmothers, please let us know as soon as possible. The birthmothers fill out a form with sizes for clothing/shoes, as well as "wishes" for Christmas. They are grateful for anything. We do ask for new clothing/toys/items, and ask that they be labeled, wrapped, and delivered to the Heart to Heart office the week before Christmas. We deliver to them birthmothers usually on the 23rd or Christmas Eve.

This is a wonderful project and very rewarding, especially since we have all been touched by the selflessness of a birthmother. Doing a Sub for Santa for a birthmother is a special way of giving back a little, if you will. In the past we have had groups of neighbors, families or extended families, church groups, office groups, etc., provide a Christmas for a birthmother. When you involve more people, it's easier and spreads the love a little more.

Thank you for your generosity, and for more details on birthmothers who we have in need of a Sub for Santa, please leave a comment on this posting and we will get back with you privately. (leave email/phone info)

Thank you...


  1. We would love to get involved in this project! We are so grateful for Heart to Heart and our BM for our little boy. We couldn't think of a better way to pass of the appreciation! Please send us the needs of a birth mother/family. Email is best, phone is 801-963-3032.

    Megan Timothy

  2. We would be happy to do this as well. (We adopted our daughter Naomi through you 9 months ago). Email me details.

  3. I called the office and left my info.


  4. We would love to! I will send you a message on facebook.

  5. The Minnesota cohort of Heart to Heart families would LOVE to get involved in this project. We could likely play Santa for a few birthmothers! I'll be the contact person for the me at shawnaoreilly at

    Shawna (Sophia's mom!)