Friday, November 6, 2009


The Utah Valley Adoption Conference, "Exploring the Miracle", was a great success. We enjoyed seeing so many of you who came to say hello, and the feedback we received on the workshops was so positive. The favorite workshop, for both staff and families, seemed to be Michael McLean's musical workshop, which was a tender tribute to adoption.
Our booth at the conference.

And look! We placed these twins with their family 2 years ago---and they are the Nov/Dec photo contest winners for Adoptive Families magazine!!

Darling mom, Melissa, and her son, Shaffer.

Two great moms, Bev and Stacy. Bev is the mother of the twins featured above, and Stacy is the mom who adopted the little guy posted on our blog a few weeks ago. We love our happy families!Donna, the executive director, stopping by the booth to sign autographs. (kidding, kidding!)
Debi (birth mom coordinator), Melissa (adoptive mom), Patti (case manager), Julie M, (counselor)
Julie S. helping at the booth....
And just a quick note of thanks....Julie S. was with me from before 6am until 6pm at the conference...helping me set up the booth, talking with people at the conference, etc. Thanks to the great staff of Heart who came to support the conference, too. It was a great day full of fun and education. One of the highlights of these type of activities is seeing our families again. We love when you stop by to say hello and give an update. It's all part of exploring the miracle! Isn't adoption the BEST?!

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