Thursday, December 10, 2009

Adoptive parents often find themselves searching for the perfect way to express gratitude and appreciation to their child's birthmother. It's difficult to find a perfect gift for anyone, but can be especially challenging finding something for a birthmother. There just aren't many product lines that focus on adoption. Here are some heart-felt ideas to celebrate the woman who placed in your arms the most precious gift in your world.

  • Look for a card specific to adoption. There aren't many in stores, but some small businesses carry them, and the internet is a card-finding wonderland!

  • Consider giving the same gift to your birthmother and your child: matching jewelry or matching teddy bears. Knowing it came from you can be comforting to anyone at any age!

  • Create a collage, scrapbook, or DVD of the year's activities. This is so meaningful to a birthmother, and she'll have a record of these memories forever.

  • Create a keepsake box or a shadow box of meaningful adoption mementos that represent your child as well as the adoption bond you share. A lock of hair, a handprint, drawings, etc. This treasure box can be added to for years to come.

The very best gift you can give your birthmother, however, is the reassurance that you are providing the very best life you can for the child she carried and placed in your arms. Do not be afraid of contact with her; remember adoption is a circle of love. Remember that as the holidays approach, emotions are sensitive for everyone. But also remember a child can never have too much love, or too many people in his life that love and care about him/her. Let go of your own fears and consider what is best for the child. Above all, remember that this is the season for sharing, love, and gratitude. Share your love and sincere gratitude to the woman who gave you the ultimate gift: your baby.

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  1. Great Ideas! I can't wait until we find a match. I have so much love to give to both a child and our birthmother.

    Wishing for a family for Christmas...