Sunday, January 3, 2010


Although it's not always an easy process, adoption of a baby going through drug withdrawal is a rewarding challenge. Below is an email Donna, our Executive Director, received from an adoptive mother.


I have been thinking for the past 2 weeks about what I would write concerning our experience adopting a baby going through withdrawal. Just like any baby, after time passes, those trying times become a bit blurred, and seem to be much less important.

When Sean and I first considered adoption, to be honest, we thought this would be the "perfect" way to finally be able to have a "perfect" baby. After extremely high-risk pregnancies with all four of our biological children, and all four babies, starting at 2 pounds, requiring extended stays in the NICU, we hoped we would finally be able to experience the joys of having a "normal" baby. Reality was very different.

Brooklyn was an absolutely beautiful baby girl with gorgeous red hair. From the moment we first saw her, we knew she was meant to be part of our family. We were scared to death to bring her home, not knowing what the outcome would be. Would she have long-term consequences because of the addiction to Methadone, or would she grow into a healthy little girl?...only time would tell. Even though we had experience with premature and very sick babies, including ventilators and coming home on heart monitors and oxygen, we did not feel adequately prepared to help a baby going through withdrawal symptoms. We wished that we could just make everything better...eventually it was much better. While Brooklyn was an extremely fussy baby for about 8 months, she has gradually become much more calm and happy. She is adored by her brothers and sisters, and loved by everyone who meets her.

Looking back on those first difficult months, the bonding was slow at first, but I realize that because of all the extra time and attention she demanded, I literally fell in love her. In some ways, I believe that we are closer now because of all the time I spent focusing my attention on her.

If you were to call again tonight and say there was a baby in the NICU that was addicted to Methadone, or some other problem, would we be scared to death to take the chance again? Absolutely! Would we bring another baby like Brooklyn into our home and hearts again? In a second!!!

We thank her birthmother everyday for giving us this beautiful little girl to be our very own. We also thank your agency for giving us the chance to make her such a tremendously important part of our family!



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