Saturday, January 9, 2010

Adoption Advice for the New Year...

Children are gifts from God. It doesn't matter whether they are biological children, adopted children, or children born of a surrogate. They are all precious and all are ways to build families. Here are a few tips to help you along...or at least provide some food for though. And hey, all you adoptive parents out there...Send us your advice as well!

1) Find friends and friends of friends who have adopted that had a good experience and use the agency they did (most likely Heart to Heart!). We had friends who had adopted years prior to us. They had referred multiple couples to Heart to Heart, and all had a good experience. Only adopt with an agency where you know you will have a good experience.

2) Do not be afraid of the paperwork or the home study. The paperwork is really not that much. You make some copies of tax statements, other statements, your insurance policies, and send them in. Takes like one hour once you have assembled all the info to copy and send it, max. You do a biography or two. Just write about your life, your upbringing, and what you want to create in your family. Just literally sit down at the computer and type it without stopping. Look it over in a day or two and make a change or two and you're done. It is all not difficult at all.

3) Be prepared to wait some time, but you do not have to have this be a years long process. The more situations you can be open to, the less likely you are to wait. Evaluate what situations you are completely open to, what situations would require some further consideration, and what situations you are absolutely not open to.

4) Stay positive! Be productive during your wait time and keep progressing in your life. Don't put things on hold "while you wait"; if anything - do the opposite. Get as much done as you can before the little one arrives, because once he/she is there, your time and availability changes...a lot!

5) Do not believe for a minute that you will love this child differently than a biological one. You will love him or her like you have never loved before.

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