Sunday, January 17, 2010

BOOKS, Books, books....

As parents of adopted children, we try to be as informed as we can from as many perspectives as possible. Here is a list of recommended reading material for adoptive parents, especially transracial families. Although most of us have adopted domestically, there is still much information that is useful for parents who have adopted children of other races. Enjoy!
Beyond Good Intentions by Cheri Register
Cheri, a white mother of 2 adopted daughters from Korea, has written 10 essays about pitfalls that well meaning parents like herself can easily fall into. The author's advice is based on her own experiences raising her daughters, her daughters' reflections on their childhoods, and the experiences of many other adoptees.

Black Baby, White Hands: A View From The Crib by Jaiya John
Dr. Jaiya John, with his honest memoir, presents us with a voice from deep inside the heart of this cultural and psychological phenomenon. The first black child to be adopted by a white family in the history of New Mexico, John's story is a landmark. John's parents taught him how to love, hence, he was readily able to accept and envelop his biological family. Had he been denied unflinching love as a child, there may have been bitterness & resentment toward his biological parents for their absence in his life. The reader meets an emotionally healthy and inspiring person.
The Colors in Me edited by Perlita Harris
This book is skillfully organized by Harris, who gives voice to thoughts, feelings, and experiences of adopted children. (Harris also edited In Search of Belonging) This
beautiful collection of artwork, poetry, & interviews by children and young adults ages

In Their Own Voices by Rita Simon & Rhonda Roorda
In this collection of interviews, conducted with black and biracial adults who were adopted by white families, the authors present stories of individuals who hail from a wide variety of religious, economic, political, and professional backgrounds. How do these experiences affect their social and racial identities, choice of friends, marital partners, and lifestyles? In addition to the interviews, the book includes overviews of both the history and legalities of current transracial adoptions.

In Their Parents' Voices by Rita Simon & Rhonda Roorda

In this collection of interviews conducted with the parents of black and transracial young adoptees, who were interviewed for In Their Own Voices.

Inside Transracial Adoption by Gail Steinberg & Beth Hall
This book moves beyond the debate to offer real solutions to real challenges. The authors' personal and moving stories are encouraging and supportive, and reinforce the message that race matters, racism is alive, and families with transracial differences can develop strong and binding ties by embracing rather than fearing their differences. A good read, filled with warmth & humor, this book offers families and professionals insight into the experience of transracial families. Whether through domestic or international adoption, the authors' offer direction for building close, loving, and very real families consisting of individuals who are proud and culturally competant members of differing races.

Now get on Amazon, or head to your local bookstore or library, and enjoy reading of families with experiences similar to yours!

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