Friday, March 12, 2010

Happy Hudson!

Hearty congratulations to Baby Hudson -- he found his mom and dad --- Jim and Sara!

Jim and Sara received a call from Heart to Heart on February 16 and were matched with their birth family that same day. Hudson made his grand entrance into this world on February 17 in Montgomery, Alabama. Jim and Sara boarded the plane for Alabama on February 18 where they met birthmother, Essie, and birthfather, Linwaun. Essie & Linwaun were really struggling with the decision to place their baby for adoption, but truly believed it was the best decision they could make for the baby. They gave Jim & Sara some family history and they took lots of pictures!
Jim, Sara, Essie, & Linwaun have a semi open adoption and plan to share photos & updates with each other through the agency, and their amazing social worker, our own Rachel!
In just over a week, paperwork (ICPC) was complete, and Hudson enjoyed his first plane ride to Utah to meet the rest of his new family. His two new older sisters - as well as many family and friends - were all thrilled to welcome Hudson HOME.

CONGRATULATIONS to Jim, Sara, Hudson & his new sisters! Look at this adoring mom.... It just doesn't get better than this!

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