Friday, May 7, 2010

Motherhood is an amazing, beautiful thing.  It opens you to a love deeper than you ever thought possible. And as a mother to both adopted and biological children, I can say with no hesitation that the love I feel for every one of my children is the same.  The positive pregnancy tests I have had did not outshine in any way the realization that somewhere out there another woman was carrying the daughter who would be mine and fill a vital role in our family.  My motherhood experience began in very different ways with each of my children who joined our family in different but amazing ways.  Motherhood transcends biology, transcends adoption, and builds its foundation firmly on love and commitment. And every day, no matter how challenging, I remain profoundly grateful to be a mother to the incredible children that belong right here. In my family. 

"I may never feel you kick, or hear your heart beat that first time,
But from the moment that I hold you, there's no doubt that you are mine..."
(--author unknown--)

To all you amazing mothers everywhere, Happy Mother's Day!

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