Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The PLAY Room!

IMG00142-20110316-1622.jpgWe recently moved into a new home. (new to us anyway)  And lucky Halle, our 3 year old, even gets her own play room.I'm  pretty sure I am more excited than her, but I'm admitting it - proudly!  So as I set up the play room, I have big plans:  a dress up area, a 'book nook',  a kitchen area, and a place to play with dolls, Barbies, and the Little Tykes doll house and figures. 


That's where we ran into our first challenge.  We went to pull out the Little Tikes play house and have lost all the "guys"* that go to it. (*the kids call them "guys")  So off we head to Toys R Us to get figures to go with it.  We saw the Fisher Price Loving Family Dollhouse and the figures that go with that.  We found the Little Tikes figures to go with the house we have. 

Here's the thing: have you noticed they don't sell the transracial family pack?  Yeah.  They don't.  They have the Caucasian family and the African American family.  I heard they have an Asian family, although it must have been sold out or something because we didn't see it on the rack.  Anyway, we decided to buy several Caucasian families to represent everyone in our family, and then two Afrcian American families to represent us accurately there.

We brought them home and play time was awesome.  In fact, we have assigned the "extra" figures different roles...people in our lives. And they change every day...different friends or family members.

I understand why Fisher Price, Little Tykes, and every company probably cannot accomodate representing transracial families - or any other kind of "different" family.  But it's yet another reminder that our family is different.  But guess what?

It's ok.

It provided us another open dialogue - again - and let us decide how to view this.  It let us decide to be positive about it - and even laugh about it a little - as we assigned each new figure a name and role. 

I was reminded again that we decide how to handle these seemingly small issues that can be big issues to a child.  But we can make it a fun, positive thing.  And we will!

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