Friday, October 31, 2014

Birth Mothers - Explaining to Your Children That You Placed One of Their Siblings for Adoption

A birth mother's plight is arguably one of the toughest situations a young mother can face. Placing your child in the care of parents that you may have only met a few months before brings sleepless nights, endless worrying, and grief that can take a lifetime to overcome. The difficult decision to place a child for adoption is the first experience with motherhood for most birth mothers.

This is the story of Rebekah, a birth mother who was already parenting four children. With siblings already in the picture, the pain and anguish that a birth mom typically experiences is multiplied. Rebekah herself not only has to deal with the emotions of relinquishing her child, but she has to help her children through some of the very same trials that she has. Read her story about how she had to explain to her children that she was placing her son for adoption

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